Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hair-Routine's Pillow Bonnet & Headrest Bonnet

I seldom come across products that are must haves in my daily life. I have come across two from the same company that I love. I posted pictures recently on my InstaGram demonstrating how I use the products. Enough of me teasing you all about this product that I love! Hair-Routine Pillow Bonnet and Headrest Bonnet are two items I must have with me when I travel as well as when I'm at home. Let's first think about the added benefits of sleeping on Satin rather than cotton pillowcases. You're able to retain your hair's moisture by sleeping on Satin. Retaining the moisture in your hair reduces hair loss and breakage. No one wants curls that are dry and brittle.

Pillow Bonnet
The hair bonnet is also water-resistant. I have gone to bed many nights with damp to severely wet hair and its dry when I get up in the morning as well as my hair. You'll save time in the morning with styling your hair because you won't have to battle with frizz. The cotton pillowcases are often rough against the hair cuticle. Sleeping on the bonnet aids in smoother hair cuticles. I am also guilty of falling asleep with makeup on. Yes, I know its wrong but it happens.The Pillow Bonnet is machine-washable, tumble dryer safe, and dries very quickly so my makeup stains are washed away. So I'm not a fan of tying up my hair at night with scarves. Scarves are only sexy, in my opinion, if you're wearing them for fashion such as headwrap styles not to bed.

Headrest Bonnet

The second item that I love from The Precious Gems Collection is the Headrest Bonnet. I don't think its a secret that I'm always on the go. I love traveling and for me driving is therapeutic.The Headrest Bonnet can be used on most car headrest and most airplane seats. The Headrest Bonnet allows me to keep my hair protected while on the go. The mission of Hair-Routine is to be the premiere brand for hair care maintenace of diverse hair types by providing high-quality, modern, easy-to-use, stylish products that help you find the perfect balance to maintain healthy hair and establish your daily hair routine.

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