Friday, June 22, 2012

Signature Look: Three Strand Twist Out

We all want to be known for something... for creating our own footprints instead of walking in the shadows of others! I am a strong believer that self expression and being true to oneself go hand in hand with establishing  individuality. Since I've become a Natural, I have tried to stand out from the crowd of other Naturals on YouTube! Don't be mistaken by that sentence, I adore a lot of the gurus and those before and after me. I don't claim to be all knowing or even gifted when it comes to this. What I do know is that I have successfully created a look that works for me. Ninety percent of the time when I am seen at events I am rocking my signature look. When prepping for different events I am often stuck thinking this is the look I have to wear because I will be asked.  I have compiled a few pictures of this signature style for your enjoyment.

Also, if you're still confused on how you too can create this look, check out this quick tutorial on YouTube!

Much Love,



  1. that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Im going to practice it on my transitioning hair and hope I have it down when Im finished :) What is your haircolor in those last two pics? I love it!

  2. Your 3 strand twists are everything!!!

  3. Seriously, the the thought of perfecting this style is what keeps me natural somedays...absolutely GORGEOUS!

  4. Very nice. Your curl pattern is wonderful! I am going to give this a try....

  5. Your hair is beautiful and I referenced your tutorial in a blog post I recently did!

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