Monday, June 18, 2012

KinkyCurlyCoil's 2nd Magic City Natural Hair Meetup

June 16, 2012 BJCC Birmingham, AL 

KinkyCurlyCoil and myself
Traveled to Birmingham, AL for KinkyCurlyCoil's 2nd Magic City Natural Hair Meetup this past saturday. KinkyCurlyCoil is a YouTube naturalista who decided to have quality events in Birmingham and share her experiences. This event was the perfect opportunity for vendors, stylist, and anyone with natural or relaxed hair to meetup. KCC had two featured guest: BeautifulBrwnBabyDol and Alicia James, both whom are also on YouTube. Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey, also known as BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, is a doctorate level psychologist, professor, vlogger, blogger, and motivational speaker. She aspires to motivate, educate, and teach self acceptance through her motivational speeches and videos. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol has lost 100 pounds over five years ago and has maintained a healty mindset. She has been natural since 2007. 

I managed to catch the end of Nina's speech. She posed this question to the audience:
"Why are you worried about my standards for hair?" She stated that being natural isn't just about being natural because it leads to other things! She urged us to resist the urge in quickly changing our minds, to accept that we are going to make mistakes, and to learn enough about ourselves! One powerful statement she made was to learn ourselves enough to change and be happy with those changes.  Make sure you love yourself and push forward. Nina gave us a breakdown of what BeautifulBrwnBabyDol means: Triple B, 3 Dimensional, and  represents a person who has been through so much. At the end of her speech she let us in on a little news. She was leaving to fly out to LA for something that she would announce at a later date. What do you think the announcement will be? I'm thinking something in tv, reality show focused around her weight loss or maybe something about natural hair. I shall definitely stay tuned to her channel for an update!

Alicia James and myself
I must admit that one of the main reasons I attended the event is so that I could meet Alicia James! I am a huge fan of her music. I love the authenticity in her voice and her personality that seeps through her videos. Alicia James is a singer/songwriter, natural hair vlogger, mother, and wife. I purchased her freshman cd, "Seven" and literally listened to it on repeat on my drive home. Her voice has a hint of jazz, a smidgen of soul, and a whole lot of love, lust, and heartache! Besides her soulful voice, she has beautiful hair! She has been natural three years and has maintained healthy hair through her low maintenance techniques. One thing that sets her apart from other Vloggers is that she often features her husband in her videos. Once you listen to her music, you can sense where she gets her inspiration. Check out the clip below for her live vocal performance of Ceelo Green's "Crazy"!

Cherie Huff, owner of Nappy Rutz,

My purchase from Nappy Rutz

"Rocking All Natural" tee I purchased. N.H. Designs by
Nykki Houston,

Neciyboo Ashley, Earring Designer

"LOVE" by Neciyboo Ashley
Designs by Neciyboo Ashley

Perfectly Pretty, MUA The Makeup Suite ATL

thekissmykinks ( and myself

Melly Belle and myself

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KinkyCurlyCoil:: Twitter: @kinkycurlycoil 

BeautifulBrwnBabyDol:: Twitter: @ButfulBrwnBbyDol 

Alicia James:: Twitter: @IAmAliciaJames 



  1. This looks like fun! Love those Nappy Rutz earrings you bought!!!

    1. Hey TiaLou! It was fun! I'm loving the earrings as well!