Friday, June 10, 2011

I Rock This

*The following was written by my friend Kinyatta Trice! She tagged me and a few of her friends to this on Facebook! Once I read it I knew I had to share it with you! Enjoy!

I ROCK THIS!!!! (A Vent Session)

My natural is a testament to the beauty that I find in me. An expression of the appreciation of me. No need to alter or to change the way I look. I think it's sexy.

It's Courageous honestly. I deal with me as I am. That's pretty damn bold. I find beauty with no make up. No perm. No weave. No imitation of things that I was never intended to have.

For me it was freedom. No restrictions on what I should be. No attempt to reach a standard of beauty that excludes me. Has no room for me. Was never meant to encompass me. A standard that repeatedly left me coming up short or not good enough. I just could never measure up.

But not my natural. I rock this!!!!

Some can't comprehend. They debase it. Water it down. Think I'm some tree hugging, Afrocentric, soul sista. Not saying that I'm not.. But stop putting me in your mental boxes in your feeble attempt to understand. For me, my physical is connected to my spiritual well-being.

How could I be spiritually grounded when everything about me screamed that I was out of touch with reality. The real me.

If I know nothing else. I know me. I know where I channel my energy from. That part of me is grounded and spiritually I am constantly growing.

My natural, as a result of this will go un-straightened. Un-permed. Sometimes not styled.  I have no urge to change my curl pattern. I love my curls, my fro, my kinky, whatever you want to call it. I keep my tresses healthy and looking quite good.  It takes courage, confidence, determination, self-love. Its an expression of me and my psychological health.

You fail to understand, taming it, is the equivalent of taming my spirit. And those who know me, know that there's no doing that. Your attempt to change it,  for me, is the equivalent of placing your construct of spirituality on me.  My spirit it too strong for that. Therefore I have no room for your rude comments, your suggestions on what to do with it, how I should wear it, or telling me when it is or isn't appropriate.

If it's inappropriate for your event, then neither am I. We come as a package. If you can't deal with the way my hair is, then you can't deal with me. If you only want clones of a certain type of beauty, then I ain't for you.

My beauty broke the mold. It's in a league all of it's own. It's as unique as yours and it can exist all on it's own.

So when it comes to my natural I will continue to .... ROCK THIS!

(This was a result of various situations. I tagged those who are natural in any fashion...and a few of my males and female  friends whose opinion I really value. ...doesn't matter what you do with your natural as long as it's what you want to do with it. Your expression. YOURS)...