Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dark, Lovely, and Running


If you know me, you also know that I sit in the hair salon one night of every week and you also know, that I'm inside the gym or running downtown Macon every night of the week. I'm a certified RMP group fitness instructor, so that means I teach classes at a local gym at least 2 times a week. 

What a WEAK combination?!!!! Preserving my hair, while staying fit has been a challenge. After a four year career in broadcast television, I felt relief when I got off the air daily. I thought I wasn't going to have to worry about keeping my hair in tack any more. Who was I kidding, it's not a news reporter problem, it's an every black woman problem. 

 Hair maintenance and fitness is a common challenge among women in the African American community. My friends that have a "Booty Do" (a stomach that sticks out further than you "booty do") have them because they are trying to keep that hair tight until the next week. 

In recent years, we've been fighting that struggle. This year at the 1st Annual Sweat with Your Soul Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, an official Black Girls Run event, solutions for the issue of hair maintainable were EVERYWHERE. 

Dark and Lovely was on site at the event and had a huge impact on the ladies in attendance!


I got to test out the Dark and Lovely Anti-Reversion edge sleeker! It's amazing for after my workout and is super easy to apply because it's similar to a mascara brush. It just brushed the thick aggravated edges right back into place. I love running, cycling, and all things cardio! This product just became my new best friend! (because I usually just keep my African edges with my Brazilian weave....) 

The ladies and gentleman from Dark and Lovely made it easy for the women at the festival to learn more about maintaining their hair during their workout and after. They showcased their amazing product line and gave out information during the learning sessions at their vendor booth. 

They topped that off with makeovers for the women that participated in the 5k/10k after their run. They even had a professional makeup artist and cosmologist, Jayson Glenn, on board to touch up those edges and sweaty faces as they crossed the finish line. (Thanks for hooking a sister up J-Gleen!) 

It's safe to say, hundreds of women were present and accounted for at the Sweat with Your Soul Festival 2014. The women attended workshops, mixers, awards ceremonies, vendor booths, workout classes, and ended the weekend with an amazing run through downtown Atlanta! 

The experience was amazing! I was in heaven with all those like minded fit BLACK women! 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pole La Teaz

I had heard so much about the physical benefits of pole fitness and decided I must give it a try. Sometimes being restricted to the gym or working out in one's living room can become redundant. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and visited Pole La Teaz at 2148 Hills Ave NW in Atlanta, GA. I met up with my friend and fellow Youtuber Sumkindawndrful.

Pole La Teaz is a premier studio for pole dance classes, striptease workouts, sensual dance, and lap dances. We took the Sultry Dance class. Let me first say that it is no easy workout. As simple as it may sound, this is a serious workout especially with high heels. The mission of Pole La Teaz is to offer women of all ages a unique form of exercise dedicated to strengthening and toning their bodies while unleashing their inner goddess in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

As a first timer in the studio I received a warm welcome. My class was filled with women of all levels from beginner to expert. There was no pressure to do each move perfectly or any judgement on physical appearance. Our instructor was very patient and professional. She taught us a few seductive moves and we even learned how to swing from the pole and climb. I must definitely give it up for all strippers and exotic dances. Neither swinging or climbing is easy.
I will definitely return to Pole La Teaz for more lessons. If you're interested in booking lessons at their Atlanta or Alpharetta locations in Georgia, visit there site here (

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Middle Georgia Naturals Meet & Greet and Product Swap

On August 16th I had the chance to attend the Middle Georgia Naturals Meet & Greet and Product Swap in downtown Macon, GA! The meet-up was held at the chic Taste & See Coffee Shop and Gallery at 546 Poplar Street. The trendy coffee shop offers live entertainment, delicious desserts, and coffee of course.  This was a great opportunity for product junkies and natural hair enthusiast to meet fellow naturals and swap the products they have tried that are sitting on their shelves. The meet-up was hosted by Daphne Ragland, founder of Middle Georgia Naturals and natural hair product line Natty Coco. Daphne had giveaways for attendees and everyone left with a swag bag gifted by Camille Rose.

I had a chance to talk briefly about my experience using Body by Vi. I shared how I've lost nearly fifteen pounds, gained muscles, and lost inches. I also provided information to each attendee on how they can get their product free and have a party hosted by me. My personal trainer, Thomas Wright, also stopped by to talk about the health benefits of the products. If you're looking for a trainer in the Middle Georgia area be sure to friend him on Facebook and let him know you're interested in a personal trainer.

Camille Elaine, a hairstylist from Macon discussed porosity. She dropped lots of healthy hair knowledge on this subject. She educated us on how porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. Knowing your hair's porosity can help you choose the right products to keep your hair well moisturized, strong, and shiny. I thought this was a brilliant topic to discuss because women too often get wrapped up in the products without understanding the basic foundation of their hair.

After the meet-up a few attendees, Daphne, and myself did an impromptu photo-shoot outside of Taste & See. Check us out on Poplar Street and make sure you check out Middle Georgia Naturals for more events coming soon.


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Monday, August 18, 2014

African Pride Beauty Innovation Brunch

Photo Credit: Shawn Bell
This past Sunday, August 17th, I headed to Atlanta for the African Pride Beauty Innovation Brunch held at the  Madame CJ Walker Museum. For a hair and culture fanatic, this was a beautiful blend of history and beauty! The Madame CJ Walker Museum is housed in the historic Auburn district of Atlanta. This was once a thriving area that boomed with black owned businesses.

Photo Credit: Shawn Bell

I had the opportunity to meet Ricci de Forest who is a native of New York and a professional cosmetologist. He is the curator and owner of the museum. We gathered around to listen to his tale of how he stumbled across the location. He stated that when he "got the lease, didn't know that the original artifacts used by the agents would be left in the beauty shop!" and he also educated us on the fact the first African American Radio Station in the country, W.E.R.D was housed upstairs.

We also had a delicious brunch prepared by Chef Nikki of the Food Network. She served salmon, sweet potato hash, French toast, cumber salad, Mediterranean frittas, and other delightful items as we sipped on Mimosas.  Nikki definitely can cook!


 This Brunch was also filled with great debates on an open format to discuss our hair concerns, our personal experiences, our expectations of hair brands as consumers, and many hot topics. Camila Crews, Strength of Nature's Global Brand Manager, opened the floor up with telling us about some innovative products offered by African Pride's Texture Manageability System as well as Olive Miracle and Shea Butter Miracle moisture rich products. We also learned about  Beautiful Texture's Straight to Curly technology that allows Naturals to go from curly/kinky to straight and back to curly all while doing so without damaging the health of one's hair.

Photo Credit: Shawn Bell
What piqued my interest  even more was being surrounded by beautiful artifacts of our past that included actual tools used by agents of the salon.

Blow Dryers, Various Pressing Combs & other tools

A Flat Iron

Blow Dryer
I also noticed some things of our past and was reminded of how the Civil Rights movement is not so far removed from today's current on-goings.

The Madame CJ Walker Museum is also a functioning salon!


I left with amazing goody bags filled with Strength of Nature's products.

Photo Credit: Shawn Bell
Be sure to check out the Madame CJ Walker Museum here

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