Friday, August 19, 2016

The 69th Annual Summer Bronner Brothers International Hair Show

The summer is here and so is the return of the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show! If you have ever attended in the past then you already know that there will be thousands of men and women traveling from near and far to experience the festivities. This summer, Bronner Brothers returns with a live taping of the Legendary Hair Battle. Trust me... you don't want to miss it! You get to see live demonstrations from some of the hottest stylist showcasing their talents against other talented stylist. The Hair Battle will be taped on Sunday, August 21st at 8pm so make sure you are in attendance for this is sure to be a great show.

One of the most exciting things for me as a blogger is getting to see some of the hottest new trends from hair to makeup to fashion to seeing the latest reality star in passing attending the show. There are also workshops taught by some of your favorite cosmetologist and makeup artist who are sharing their tips and techniques.  This is also a time to get a great deal from some of your favorite brands during the Expo.

The show returns to the spacious Georgia World Congress Center in the beautiful Atlanta, GA from August 20-22, 2016.  For tickets, visit

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eden BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree All Natural Hair Milk by Natasha McBride

Know The Facts: This product contains no mineral (petroleum), dyes, parabens or fragrance oil and is cruelty free.

What The Product Claims: A leave-in conditioner that boosts moisture and shine in your hair without being too heavy. Made with organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Avocado, this blend delivers antioxidants that replenish and rejuvenate dry, brittle hair, and reduces split ends. Leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable. Great for detangling tight curls.

How I Used the Product: I personally follow the LCO method and I used the leave-in of course as my L (Leave-In Conditioner). I used the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Pudding Soufflé as my C (Crème Conditioner) and Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Frizz Serum as my O (Oil) and I twisted my hair in individual twists down to about 2 inches from the end and then curled the ends with perm rods. My curls are prone to frizz so I did use a little bit of Eco Style Argon Oil gel on each twist after applying my crème. All products are applied in a downward motion. Since I knew I wanted to fluff out my twists I didn’t bother trying to get my roots smooth I just wanted to make sure they are moisturized.

My Review: Hands down one of the best leave in conditioners I have EVER used and I have used A LOT! It is very creamy and thick but not too thick where it does not absorb quickly. The smell is strong but that’s not a bad thing in this case.  It smells like peppermint oil with a faint scent of the tea tree oil and I am big on scents. I will limit my use of a product if it does not have pleasant scent. It does play well with other products. I did not get the icky tacky looking white balls after layering with the other products. I did have a few tangles since I shamefully did a rush job detangling in the shower and it did indeed help with those also. All in all this is an awesome product with great qualities and I can see myself repurchasing this product and using it in other LCO combinations or making an attempt again for a wash n go. I took my twists down coating my fingers lightly with coconut oil to help prevent frizz and used a hand held blow dryer to create volume. My hair was extremely soft and still had a faint peppermint/tea tree oil smell. My hair lasted all day. It did not frizz much and my curls pretty much stayed intact. Thumbs Up on the product.


Finished Result *Twist n Curl*:

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Hair Story by Danielle Hamner


Being natural for over 15 years has been a journey. Growing up I had a variety of hairstyles from braids to perms. It wasn't until I was in undergrad that my perception of my hair changed. I took a course in Africana Studies and it intrigued me to learn about the various political leaders and how they stood up to the masses when the popular opinion of others was the majority. Although, this course never brought up the concept of hair it rumbled something in my spirit that made me question societies definition of beauty.

When I decided to become natural I was met with much criticism that I still encounter to this day. Such comments included , "This isn't the 60's", "Why don't you  comb your hair?" and what I consider to be the worst comment possible "Your hair looks like you just got off a slave ship".

Since the advent of social media and the concept of natural hair was non-existent at this time my struggle was for inspiration and acceptance became a battle of my own. I began to speak positively about my hair when I  was met with resistance. I would tell myself that my hair texture was unique and God given. These words helped me tremendously when negativity was spewed my way. I'm currently seeing that more woman are embracing their natural hair and it makes my heart smile. The community of today's bloggers, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos help to encourage acceptance; which is paramount.

Nowadays, others are asking for my advice on products to use and how to achieve various hairstyles. In embracing your natural hair self confidence is essential as is sharing your experience with others. So to those who have been on this natural journey or are beginning on it, I say be encouraged and hold your head up high because darling you are beautiful!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dark, Lovely, and Running


If you know me, you also know that I sit in the hair salon one night of every week and you also know, that I'm inside the gym or running downtown Macon every night of the week. I'm a certified RMP group fitness instructor, so that means I teach classes at a local gym at least 2 times a week. 

What a WEAK combination?!!!! Preserving my hair, while staying fit has been a challenge. After a four year career in broadcast television, I felt relief when I got off the air daily. I thought I wasn't going to have to worry about keeping my hair in tack any more. Who was I kidding, it's not a news reporter problem, it's an every black woman problem. 

 Hair maintenance and fitness is a common challenge among women in the African American community. My friends that have a "Booty Do" (a stomach that sticks out further than you "booty do") have them because they are trying to keep that hair tight until the next week. 

In recent years, we've been fighting that struggle. This year at the 1st Annual Sweat with Your Soul Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, an official Black Girls Run event, solutions for the issue of hair maintainable were EVERYWHERE. 

Dark and Lovely was on site at the event and had a huge impact on the ladies in attendance!


I got to test out the Dark and Lovely Anti-Reversion edge sleeker! It's amazing for after my workout and is super easy to apply because it's similar to a mascara brush. It just brushed the thick aggravated edges right back into place. I love running, cycling, and all things cardio! This product just became my new best friend! (because I usually just keep my African edges with my Brazilian weave....) 

The ladies and gentleman from Dark and Lovely made it easy for the women at the festival to learn more about maintaining their hair during their workout and after. They showcased their amazing product line and gave out information during the learning sessions at their vendor booth. 

They topped that off with makeovers for the women that participated in the 5k/10k after their run. They even had a professional makeup artist and cosmologist, Jayson Glenn, on board to touch up those edges and sweaty faces as they crossed the finish line. (Thanks for hooking a sister up J-Gleen!) 

It's safe to say, hundreds of women were present and accounted for at the Sweat with Your Soul Festival 2014. The women attended workshops, mixers, awards ceremonies, vendor booths, workout classes, and ended the weekend with an amazing run through downtown Atlanta! 

The experience was amazing! I was in heaven with all those like minded fit BLACK women! 

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